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New Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Reddit

The University of Wisconsin athletic department says it has called UW-Madison police to investigate who may have shared private images and video of women’s volleyball team players without their permission.

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New Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Reddit

Officials are aware that photographs and video of the ladies “that were never intended to be shared publicly” are being circulated on the Internet, wisconsin volleyball team leak video according to a statement sent by the sports department Wednesday evening.

“The unauthorized sharing is a serious and unlawful invasion of the privacy of the student-athletes, including potential violations of university policy and criminal legislation,” the sports department stated in a statement.

After the women were informed that the images and video were being disseminated, sports department officials claim they notified the UW-Madison Police Department.

According to the athletic department, wisconsin volleyball video reddit UWPD is investigating a number of potential felonies as a consequence of the incident, including the distribution of sensitive pictures without authorization.

UWPD spokesperson Marc Lovicott confirmed to News 3 Now Wednesday evening that his department is investigating, but declined to release any specifics due to the ongoing investigation.

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The athletic administration stated that no team members are being investigated for misbehavior

“Our number one goal is to assist our student-athletes, and we are providing them with the necessary services and resources,”wisconsin volleyball team video the sports department stated.

Wisconsin state law makes it a Class A misdemeanor to share sensitive images or recordings of someone without their consent.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Reddit

Police at the University of Wisconsin are looking into how private images and video of members of the school’s national champion women’s volleyball team were made public without their permission.

According to a statement released by the University of Wisconsin sports department on Wednesday, wisconsin volleyball photos, athletes called campus police after learning the images had been made public.

The statement made no mention of when or where the photographs or recordings were shot. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the images were obtained from inside the team’s locker room.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of the photos looked to be shot after Wisconsin won the Big Ten championship last season.

According to the statement, police are “investigating several offenses, including the dissemination of sensitive pictures without authorization.laura schumacher volleyball ” According to UW Athletics, “unauthorized sharing is a serious and wrongful infringement of the privacy of the student-athletes, including potential violations of university policy and criminal legislation.”

The inquiry was confirmed Thursday by University of Wisconsin police spokesperson Marc Lovicott. Lovicott refuses to provide any information since the probe is ongoing. There is no investigation into the volleyball players’ actions.

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Wisconsin’s sports administration stated, “Our main goal is supporting our student-athletes, and we are providing them with the right services and resources.”

Last year, Wisconsin earned its first national championship, defeating Nebraska in the championship game. The Badgers (13-3, 7-1 Big Ten) enter Friday’s home match against Michigan State rated sixth in the American Volleyball Coaches Association poll.

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