The Best and Newest Lightweight Free PC Video Editing Application 2022 The Best and Newest Lightweight Free PC Video Editing Application 2022, Many individuals want to become YouTubers in order to make a lot of money. However, being a popular YouTuber is not simple.

The reason for this is that we need to generate fascinating information that is accompanied with high-quality videos that are edited in such a manner that it can pique the audience’s attention.

There are several video editing software available for altering YouTube videos. However, the majority of them are premium software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, Filmora9, Pinnacle Studio 22, and many others.

Best Free PC Video Editing Software

It makes no difference if you buy one of the PCs for individuals who are experienced and make a lot of money from YouTube.

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Above are video editing apps. However, for those just starting out as content makers, we recommend using a free PC Video editing tool.

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Of course, free PC video editing software do not have as many functions as premium ones. Nonetheless, we may use it to quickly alter videos, such as viewing videos, adding intros, adding backsounds, and so on. So, which is the finest free PC video editing software that we can use?

1. VSDC Video Editor (Free)

VSDC should carry the greatest free PC video editing program. This tool is available for Windows-based systems and provides professional functionality comparable to Adobe Premier Pro.

We may use the program to simply merge movies and apply a number of unique effects to improve the quality of the material.

A Pro edition of VSDC is also available for $19.99. Image stabilization, voice over support, and visual waveform features are included in the pro version. Although the capabilities are more extensive, we believe that the free version is sufficient for creating high-quality films.

2. The Blender

One of the benefits of the Blender PC video editing software is that it can work on a variety of computer operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Blender, in reality, is a free application for making 3D animated films. Nonetheless, we may utilize it to easily edit films with a range of intriguing features.

Blender has a plethora of capabilities, including audio mixing, speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and many more. Furthermore, this program is simple to use and ideal for novices who want to learn how to edit films.

3. Lighting Design

Lightworks is one of the greatest PC video editing apps since it provides comprehensive editing capabilities while being simple to use.

This application is accessible for Windows, Linux, and Mac, making it a viable alternative to Blender or other top free PC video editing software.

Unfortunately, the free edition can only export YouTube videos in 720p HD resolution. For 4K footage, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $25 per month.

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Actually, the free version is more than adequate because the editing capabilities are comprehensive and simple to use for beginners.

4. Shotcuts

This program is actually intended for Linux. However, we can now utilize it for video editing on Windows or Mac PCs. What’s intriguing about Shotcut is that it supports 4K HD footage and has extensive editing capabilities.

Some individuals may be perplexed if they just utilize this top free PC video editing software. However, once you get used to it, we are confident that you will fall in love with it and refuse to use any other video editing software. Please download the file below to give it a try.

5. Lite version of Machete Video Editor

We propose the Machete Video Editor Lite application for individuals looking for the best free PC video editing solution with a basic and easy-to-use user interface. This program is free for Windows users.

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Unfortunately, this free PC video editing tool is only capable of cutting movies and not audio editing. Its features are limited, yet it is simple to use and understand. For individuals seeking more comprehensive features, the Full Edition version is available for $19.95.

6. Avidemux

Avidemux is a basic video editing program designed primarily for novices. The functions available are not as extensive as those found in VSDC or Shotcut. However, we may easily utilize it for video editing, encoding, and so on.

This free PC video editing tool is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it an option for people searching for a basic and user-friendly video editing application. To test it, please use the download link provided below.

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