The Best & Most Accurate Android Earthquake App The Best & Most Accurate Android Earthquake App, Natural catastrophes can strike at any moment and from any location. Because of its geographical location on the Ring of Fire, prone to natural disasters.

Particularly earthquakes. Earthquakes strike Indonesia virtually every day, however not all of them are felt immediately.

An Android app is the most convenient way to detect an earthquake. There are several earthquake detection programs available.

Best Earthquake Apps for Android

Currently that can help us determine the location and severity of an earthquake. To learn more about the application, please see the following information.

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1. BMKG data

Install the BMKG Info application to track the incidence of earthquakes in Indonesia in real time. The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency created the Android earthquake detection application (BMKG).

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There are several features in the program, including weather conditions, earthquakes, climate maps, air quality, marine weather, homecoming weather, event weather, weather alerts, and notification press releases.

The Android earthquake app is intriguing in that it will display a notification if an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 5 occurs. Because this is an official application, we guarantee that the information is correct.


In addition to the finest seismic applications listed above, BMKG also offers WRS-BMKG. application This program is dedicated to showing earthquake information.

This program also includes maps, predicted time of tsunami arrival, epicenter, and a list of the most recent earthquakes in Indonesia with a magnitude of M 5.0.

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This software offers a voice notification function as well as pop-up notifications that will deliver real-time information in the case of an earthquake. Its features are pretty comprehensive, thus my friend should install it.

3. Earthquakes and Volcanoes

If you’re searching for an earthquake app that covers every area on the planet, this is a must-try. This program offers a high degree of accuracy and various features that will let us locate the location and time of earthquakes all around the world.

4. EQInfo – Global Earthquake Information

EQInfo is the next Android app for earthquake detection. The benefit of this program is that it can display highly precise information on earthquakes all across the world. There is also a notice option and a map of the most recent earthquake.


BMKG appears to have multiple Android earthquake detecting apps. In addition to the apps listed above, there is one named BMKG-AEIC.

This program differs from previous BMKG earthquake apps in that it can identify earthquakes in the Asian area. Maps, seismic parameters, push notifications, and other features are also available.

6. Up-to-date Indonesia Earthquake Information

The data utilized in this program is official BMKG data, thus there is no reason to dispute its accuracy. The data provided is also constantly up to date and can show earthquake.

Information with a strength more than or less than 5 SR. There is also an alert warning option for the most recent earthquake and the most recent BMKG information.

7. Earthquake Information

What we enjoy best about this app is that the information is comprehensive and up to date. We may view a map of the earthquake’s location as well as the most recent earthquake information based on BPKB data.

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Furthermore, this best android earthquake app has a better user interface than the official BMKG program, so there’s no reason not to install it.

8. Earthquake Tracker

We may view information on earthquakes that occur throughout the world by installing the aforementioned program.

The data provided is also highly thorough, and we may select a specific place to obtain earthquake statistics at that spot.

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