The Best Official Online Trading Stock Trading Application 2022 – The Best Official Online Trading Stock Trading Application 2022, Due to different conveniences in the process of commercial transactions, the trend of share ownership has begun to alter in recent years.

The complexity of information technology influences how investors acquire stocks. It is not surprising that many regular individuals are becoming literate enough to engage in internet stock buying and selling.

The Best Official Online Trading Stock Trading Application, Of course, accurate education on what it means to purchase and sell shares and how the system works is required.

The Best Official Online Trading Stock Trading Application

Because shares are proof of ownership in a company, understanding the process of buying and selling shares is the process of buying and selling share certificates on the stock market against a company that has been registered and is available for purchase of shares.

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This share transaction has evolved from presenting shares to electronic-based shares in order to promote digital transactions.

If you are now seeking to learn how to acquire Telkomsel shares, for example, you must be aware of the online share trading application for small and big capital that is currently popular and has been registered with the OJK or Financial Services Authority.

Of course, you’ll be interested in buying and selling firm shares in Indonesia after learning about the most trustworthy and greatest online stock trading software in 2021 to 2022 and in the years ahead. Listed below are many online stock transaction apps.

1. Magic

Magic is the application for the first online platform for trading shares. Ajaib Application is a stock app owned by the Ajaib Group, which also owns Ajaib Sekuritas and Ajaib Mutual Funds.

The Magic program has the benefit of providing users with guidance and recommendations, making it very simple for investors, even rookie investors.

You won’t be puzzled about how to declare the sale and purchase tax on shares using this application. This is due to the imposed tax rate of 0.1% multiplied by the amount of the sale transaction.

Which is included in the cost of selling shares. Furthermore, you do not need to deposit any initial capital to start a stock account with this program.

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At Ajaib, the transaction cost for selling and purchasing shares is also quite inexpensive, at 0.10% for daily transactions under 150 million rupiah, and decreasing as your daily transactions increase.

Overview and Calculation of Purchasing Magic Application Shares

As an example, consider the following purchase and sale of Magic shares. To begin, consider the purchase of stock. Mrs. Lala, for example, paid IDR 1,300 per share for 10 lots of PT Kalbe Fama Tbk (KLBF) shares in July 2020, plus a 0.15% buy transaction charge. One lot requires a minimum purchase of 100 pieces.

  • 10 lots x 100 pieces x IDR 1,300 = IDR 1,300,000 purchase transaction
  • Brokerage fee: 0.15% multiplied by IDR 1,300,000 equals IDR 1,950
  • Levy: 0.04% x 1,300,000 IDR = IDR 520
  • VAT = IDR 390 (0.03% x IDR 1,300,000).
  • As a result, Mrs. Lala must spend a total of Rp1,302,860 for 10 lots of KLBF.

2. Seeds

Seeds might be an excellent alternative for rookie investors who are just beginning to participate in the field of playing stocks.

Because Seed offers automatic transaction features that you do not have to perform manually. Seeds have also been supervised and registered with the OJK or Financial Services Authority.

  • Benefits of Seed Application
  • The Seed application provides its users with a variety of benefits, including the following.
  • Online registration is available.
  • Purchase of no-commission-fee mutual fund investments
  • Any investment can be withdrawn without penalty at any time.
  • A Robo Advisor tool allows customers to pick an investing route depending on their income and money available.
  • Investors can change their investment allocation based on their risk tolerance.

Seeds from PT. Seeds Grow Together also provides a variety of alternative investment opportunities, including money market mutual funds, bonds, and others.

3. IPOT Indopremier

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Indopremier is a firm that buys and sells stocks online. This is what prompted Indopremier to create Indopremier IPOT as a reputable and conveniently accessible share buying and selling service. The opening of this Indopremier IPOT has been digitized.

Of stock and mutual fund securities accounts, so transactions do not require a paper signature. It can be mentioned that Indopremier IPOT is one of the forerunners of a reliable online stock transaction.

Organization that also offers training and seminars to educate and motivate its consumers to participate in the world of buying and selling shares through Indopremier IPOT.

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