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Some of you may be seeking for further information. Boys From Krosna Filmik Krosno Menel Video, which is now trending on social media.

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Video Chłopcy Z Krosna Menel Film

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If you’re wondering why Krosno became so famous on the Internet, we’ll explain everything. On Saturday, September 17, Spotted Krosno’s Facebook profile said that four young males “agreed to help a homeless individual satisfy their needs” in exchange for booze. chłopcy z krosna menel film The incident was meant to occur “under the bridge in Krosno.”

“Greetings to the four lads who chose to assist a homeless man with his necessities under the Krosno bridge. Fantastic activity, gentlemen; I hope he brought you the promised vodka “- reads the content of the previously removed Spotted Krosno profile entry.

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Chłopcy Z Krosna Menel Film

A terrible scenario with an apparent homeless guy was captured on video by teenagers. The film made its way into the Internet and rapidly became extremely famous. Several hundred thousand copies of the recording have been seen on various social media sites.

They can be watched without restriction.menel z krosna nagranie Internet users remark on the scenario, create memes, and record their thoughts, increasing the case’s popularity.

According to several Internet users, the teenagers in the video are in their first year of high school. If this is correct, they are between the ages of 14 and 15. This means that watching a video featuring Krosno lads is child pornography distribution under the law.

“Whoever makes, distributes, displays, stores, or has pornographic content depicting a generated or processed image of a juvenile indulging in sexual behavior will be liable to a fine, imprisonment, or imprisonment for up to two years,” according to Article 202 of the Criminal Code.

Many Internet users make fun of Krosno youngsters. Assuming the movie is true – which is impossible to confirm so far – there is most definitely pedophilia. What’s hilarious about an adult taking advantage of average intelligent teenagers and having it recorded and uploaded to the internet?

“In this case, let’s only alter one thing: gender.” Let it be 15-year-old females instead of a gaggle of high school kids with a penis in their mouth. Would everyone then laugh and point fingers at the victims?

No, the attacker would be accused of assaulting minor kids, and women’s rights activists would be outraged because it was harassment, rape, and unlawful video sharing.

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Where is Krosno’s film set?

Some Internet users believe Krosno’s film was faked. This is owed to the low quality of the recording, which makes determining what transpires difficult.

According to several social media users, the pleasant environment in the video shows that the film is intended to be comical, and that youngsters are drinking sausage in their mouths.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke told about Krosno teenagers who took advantage of the opportunity to fast on gays. “These are the consequences of

  • The abolition of the idea of ​​”honor.”
  • Sexual education classes
  • Teaching them that rather to “making love,” they should “have sex,” and most importantly, the method. diversity
  • Homosexuality is natural, according to Korwin-Mikke on Twitter.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the Chłopcy Z Krosna Menel Film Video, which is currently popular and trending on social media, hopefully the information that the admin presents can be useful and beneficial for all of you.

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