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Video Gino Cogliandro On Twitter

I’m very sorry. Quite a few. I repeat: it appears to me to be ‘na strunzato. And I’m listening to Beach on the Beach at full volume. I hug his family, especially Edoardo and Mirko ».

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So Gianni Simioli, the radio host, gino morto trettre turned to social media to relay the news of Gino Cogliandro’s death, the comic of the Trectré trio. The cabaret performer from Naples is 72 years old.

Success occurred in the 1980s, during which Gino Cogliandro, Mirko Setaro, and Edoardo Romano became “Drive In” regulars.

Then came appearances on television shows ranging from “I-taliani” to “Cabarets per una notte” in 1988, “Trisitors” in 1989, and “Il Tg delle Vacanze” in 1991.

Not to note later appearances in ” Buona Sunday ” and ” Retromarsh!! giorgia meloni ” Not only did the three appear on TV, but they also worked on the film “Italian fast food” and the song “O Scarrafone” by Pino Daniel.

The comedy ensemble disbanded in the 1990s, and each member pursued their own career. They remember it now as a group, and they haven’t lost their lines, skits, or style of generating humor.

Gino Cogliandro committed himself to filmmaking following Trectrés, and one of his most recent works is “Vecchie canaglie,” a film released this year in which he played “Vivalfi.”

He did not stop with the Neapolitan sitcom in the latter era. mirko setaro And today, above all, Napoli is weeping for him with his family.

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Videos by Gino Cogliandro

Trettr comedian Gino Cogliandro died today at the age of 73 after a heart attack. Let us look at the life of actor Gino Cogliandro, who died today at the age of 73, from his days as a member of Trettrè with Edoardo Romano and Mirko Setaro, through his career as an actor, replacing the little-remembered Beppe Vessicchio.

Today, on the anniversary of his passing, edoardo romano we’d want to honor him by retracing his career and filmography, as well as describing his personal life following Trettr’s disbandment in the early 2000s.

Gino Cogliandro was born on October 10, 1949, in Naples, Italy, under the sign of Weighing Scales. Apart from school, he has always demonstrated his enthusiasm for acting by practicing on stage and dedicated himself to cabaret from a young age, which is one of his career’s strengths.

The watershed moment came in the late 1970s, when he was already a well-known personality in the Naples show and theater. corriere After Beppe Vessicchio’s separation, Trettrè creator Edoardo Romano persuaded him to join a comedy trio with Mirko Setaro.

Thus started the tour, which quickly gained popular support until it appeared on TV in the cult program Drive In from the Fininvest network (present Mediaset), where they won enormous success.

From 1983 through 1988, they took part in five editions. Gino Cogliandro, who was always with Trettrè, appeared in several TV shows from 1991 to 1994, including Un Fantastico Tragico Friday, I-Taliani, and Buona Domenica.

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Tg summer and the couple beach game are among the works that have seen the characters of the comedic trio appear on the Fininvest network. vaiolo delle scimmie Trettrè was disbanded in the early 2000s because, according to RTL 102.5, they no longer had fun on stage or on television.

There is no longer any terror that distinguishes them in acting, and the habit has taken over what has become a career that requires a strong aesthetic drive at all times.

Gino Cogliandro maintained his career in cinema and television, serving as Forum reporter for four editions before returning as Buona Domenica for another year in 2007 and acting in the films Undesirable Effects and Made in China Napoletano.

His final film performance before his death was in the film Vecchie Canaglie, starring Lino Banfi, which was released in theaters on May 5, 2022. Edoardo Romano said that he had retired to the Marina in recent months, prior to the murder of his friend and colleagues. Comedians enjoy their summer holidays.

Hospitalization in Salerno is ineffective in preventing heart attack consequences. To think, Edoardo Romano had declared that the three would be returning to the stage for Trettr’s summer tour. After Beppe Vessicchio, Trettrè’s comic is Gino Cogliandro.

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