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Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

Marelen Castillo, vice-presidential candidate for Rodolfo Hernández, stated that if elected in the next elections, her government will focus on combating corruption in all of its presentations.

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Castillo told RCN Mundo that “the engineer is extremely powerful, making it obvious to the country that in order to go forward, corruption must cease, pablo lyle actor mexicano end the practice of taking what does not belong to us against the advantage of Colombians.” Castles.

Simultaneously, she emphasized that “We examined the many areas where corruption occurs, such as in infrastructure projects where money is taken. As a result, the measures are extremely clear, and we will combat this plague.”

In response to Rodolfo Hernández’s probe into suspected anomalies in the contracting for waste treatment in Bucaramanga during his tenure, Marelen Castillo stated that “So yet, no proof of this has been discovered. actriz beatriz álvarez guerra He has given the Colombian people the truth and has asserted that he is not corrupt “.

She stated that once they arrived at the Casa de Nario, they would begin a transformation process that will begin with education. “This will be a true revolution and fundamental culture shift for all government management systems.”

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In this regard, the vice-presidential candidate stated that they will focus on eliminating poverty, pagos devolución del iva a situation that has been exacerbated by the epidemic and has widened the country’s socioeconomic divides.

“Closing the Socio-economic gap is another critical aspect of the Colombian crisis, where the poor number around 22 million people. There is no health and instead there is insecurity “She stated.

Finally, Marelen Castillo stated, “For me, beneficiarios subsidio ingreso solidario Rodolfo is a guy and a businessman who has worked hard for Colombia and has a clear government program that allows the nation to follow a different route and separate itself from all of the difficulties that we have had for years.”

Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

Marelen Castillo, the candidate Rodolfo Hernández’s vice-presidential formula, who advanced to the second presidential round on June 19, reforma tributaria cambio radical is an industrial engineer from the Autonomous University of the West with a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. She also holds a degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Cali.

He graduated from Colegio Nuestra Seora del Pilar de Cali, annie ernaux premio nobel where he began teaching classes while pursuing his first professional employment at Universidad Santiago de Cali. She worked as a professor at the university for 11 years.

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This 53-year-old lady has spent the most of her life in academics. In 2011, she was appointed rector of the Virtual and Distance Uniminute, where she was able to establish several relationships with international universities and acquire certification of 35 programs.

While in that role, Rodolfo Hernández, accidente en bucaramanga the former major of Bucaramanga, decided to invite her to be a member of his presidential campaign as part of his presidential formula.

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