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Video Mclaren F1 Daniel Ricciardo

Video Mclaren F1 Daniel Ricciardo, Daniel Ricciardo, a Formula One (F1) driver, is said to be leaving McLaren. Oscar Piastri will take over in his place.

Video Mclaren F1 Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo, on the other hand, did not want to depart so quickly. He demanded that McLaren pay him 17 million pounds, or Rp305 billion, to end his contract jill biden jacket.

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Ricciardo’s contract with McLaren runs until next season. McLaren, on the other hand, want to terminate the contract sooner in order to make way for Oscar Piastri.

This manufacturer plans to partner Piastri with Lando Norris for the 2023 season. McLaren’s intention to dump Ricciardo because of his strong background.

Since signing from Renault in 2021, the Australian driver has been viewed negatively raymond briggs.

Furthermore, because Piastri is still 21 years old, McLaren sees it as a future project. He is not only regarded as a youthful driver.

But he also has a long list of accomplishments, including consecutive Formula 3 and Formula 2 crowns emmerdale actor dies.

This accomplishment piqued McLaren’s interest, and he has long been a fan of Piastri. Piastri is also under the tutelage of former Formula One driver Mark Webber.

Andreas Seidl, the head of the McLaren team, is well known to Webber lego harry potter hogwarts express. They’ve known each other while Weber competed for Porsche in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

McLaren has urged Ricciardo to initiate discussions. This is done to find a way out and offer Ricciardo ample time to locate another team if he still wants to compete in Formula One.

Ricciardo was also thought to be retiring last month fox news anchor died. But he insisted on first terminating his contract.

Ricciardo subsequently provided an explanation over social media in order to prevent the suspicions from spreading further. “There’s a lot of noise, gossip, and people asking questions and coming up with their own explanations,” Ricciardo remarked.

“I know my future (become a rumour), therefore I’ll inform everyone, my followers and supporters,” he said.

He believes it is time to tell the people directly from his mouth leslie griffith. “I still want to be on top all of the time. Even when I’m at my lowest, I still get that emotion “Ricciardo explained.

“I’ll reset once the emotions and rumors go down, because I still want this (race). I still believe I can do it, and the day I retire, that feeling and belief will be gone. I truly believe I am still a long way from there “He finished.

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