Why Should You Choose Sharia Investment? Here Are The Ones That Are Worth Choosing

Ngopisantuy.comWhy Should You Choose Sharia Investment? Here are the ones that are worth choosing, Because Indonesia has the world’s biggest Muslim population, the growth of sharia investment in Indonesia is extremely promising. Why should you invest in Islamic finance? Here are five that are worth considering.

Investing is still regarded the greatest method to prepare financially, especially in this unpredictable economic period. Anyone would like to have a better financial future and be able to retire in peace.

Investment is unquestionably required to fulfill that ambition. It’s no surprise that young people, whether millennials or Generation Z, are pushed to start investing as soon as possible. Even if you are just starting out, investing should be one of your top priorities when it comes to making a living.

Why Should You Choose Sharia Investment?

It’s only that not everyone has the freedom to pick their investments at will. Income, as well as the kind of the investment, is usually taken into account.

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Choosing the correct financial instrument is very important for Muslims. Since if you select the wrong one, the financial item may become a source of sin because it is involved in an activity that is banned by Islamic law.

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That is why, for those of you who are Muslim and want to manage your funds better while remaining within the boundaries of halal, sharia investing should be your first concern. You don’t have to worry about breaking Islamic law in addition to benefiting from financial improvement.

Here are five forms of Islamic investments that might be examined nowadays. Even if it does not contradict Islamic norms, Shari’a-compliant investments must be carefully assessed.

Fortunately, as public knowledge of Islamic finance grows, the kinds of Islamic investment are becoming more diversified.

1. Sharia Security Deposit

If you desire a low-risk investment, such as investing in a bank, but are hesitant to pick a deposit due to concerns about usury, consider sharia deposits.

The premise is the same as with time deposits, often known as time savings in general; choosing sharia deposits implies saving funds and having them managed by the bank until the agreed-upon time limit.

Sharia deposits will still provide you with a return when it is due, which is unquestionably halal. How is that possible? Sharia deposits make use of mudharabah contracts and nisbah (profit sharing). This is what distinguishes Islamic deposits from regular accounts that pay interest.

Of course, when creating a sharia deposit account, this percentage has become an agreement between the consumer and the bank.

The ratios for each bank are obviously different, such as 65:35, which indicates 65% for shahibul maal (wealth owners) and 35% for mudharib (fund managers). You can open a Sharia deposit with an Islamic bank and evaluate the ratio to maximize your earnings.

2. Sharia-compliant mutual funds

Mutual funds are widely recognized as one of the most popular investments for novices. Mutual funds might be a good alternative for people who wish to invest in stocks but don’t have a lot of money.

However, due of the characteristics of ghahar and maysir, mutual funds are frequently involved with unlawful investing operations.

Are you concerned about this condition? Sharia mutual funds may be the greatest option since monies from investors will be channeled to sharia securities by the MI (Investment Manager).

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For example, if you select a sharia stock mutual fund, the stock securities picked are clearly from firms engaged in Islamic business.

Because the beginning capital for Islamic mutual funds is very low, this investment asset is suitable for young investors, particularly those still in school.

Islamic mutual funds can be purchased for as little as Rp. 10,000. You will have the sensation of investing in the stock market.

3. The Gold Dinar | Business And Investment Blog

Unlike the other Islamic investments on the list, this one is genuine. Who can deny that gold is one of the top financial assets?

No, it does not! This precious metal is regarded as the finest investment option, even during the Covid-19 epidemic, because the price of gold may reach Rp. 1 million per gram!

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Because saving money in the form of gold is extremely beneficial, gold is seen as a type of Islamic investment.

However, the sharia status of gold continues to reap benefits and drawbacks since there are parties that agree and disagree about buying and selling gold in non-cash transactions because it is regarded a kind of usury.

It’s only that in Indonesia, gold is regarded a commodity rather than a source of payment, therefore investing in gold is not seen to contravene Islamic principles.

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